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Float and set plastering

The term float and set refer to the traditional style of plastering sometimes known as wet plastering. the system requires a wet undercoat plaster such as sand and cement or browning/bonding coat which troweled onto the walls usually around 11mm thick. when the undercoat plaster has set to a semi firm state the skim coat is then applied. the system is much more highly skilled than plasterboard and skim because it requires the wet coat to be screeded off level with a straight edge to a tolerance of 3mm (5mm) in the old days. it is much harder work also due to the amount of constant mixing required. it is generally more messy. the advantages are it give much greater sound density than boards and it is an excellent insulator also. 


skim coat plaster

Finish coat skim plasters

Thistle skim coat plasters provide everything needed to complete a wall.

Thistle skim coat plasters give all the advantages of airtightness & a robust solid finish. Within the range added benefits of additional acoustic performance, magnetic attraction, scuff resistance and air purity make this the first choice of finish for any solution.


For a versatile finishing plaster, ThistlePro Multi-Finish is ideal for use on common backgrounds including undercoat plasters and plasterboard. Whilst ThistlePro DuraFinish plaster increases damage resistance by 60%. Our ThistlePro PureFinish plaster contains Activ'Air technology making indoor spaces healthier. Or why not take a look at ThistlePro Magnetic Plaster allowing the creation of interactive walls and decorative finishes.

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